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[Badass owndesignshirt] vintage grumpy frog all over printed crocs

centres of excellence”, which provide advice on CSR measures. The requirements set out in the UN Guiding Principles and in the National Action Plan, inparticular in its chapter III, on due diligence with regard to human rights, also apply to the organisations that implement development policy, including bodies that provide financing for development. They also serve as a basis for further assessment and monitoring and, where appropriate, further development of the grievance procedures that state implementing organisations, including financing bodies, have already established. France promotes, at the national and European levels, investment policies that incorporate due diligence and highlight the principles and practices of institutional investors. Provide training, particularly to staff of the State and local government, on human rights and environmental obligations for businesses in business schools, engineering schools, the judiciary, etc.. Encourage the centralisation of documentary resources for economic actors so they are more easily accessible by creating, for example, a digital platform for business and human rights. The State and local government are committed to promoting and respecting the UN Guiding Principles in all of their activities—as lawmakers, employers and producers. France adheres to all the instruments that are part of the international business and human rights framework, and is present in all relevant forums the United Nations–UN, the International Labour Organization–ILO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development–OECD, the European Union–EU, the Council of Europe, the International Organization for Standardization–ISO, etc.. The OECD Policy Framework for Investment is being modernised to face the challenges of sustainable development, such as equality, CSR and human rights. managing human rights risks related to international business activities. For these reasons, more discussion and information is required on the types of risks an possibilities related to each branch of activity, on the types of risk management needed, and on the expectations for observing due diligence in various branches of activities. According to the international guidelines, the sufficiency of following due diligence and the possibilities of making a difference are always weighed on a case¬ by-case basis. The issues mentioned above are taken into consideration. The seriousness of the adverse impacts caused is important as well. Since both the UN principles and the OECD Guidelines emphasise prevention, a retrospective assessment on sufficiency will cause challenges of its own for preparatory actions. The protection of privacy that is particularly related to electronic communications has received plenty of attention in recent public discussion. The right to privacy, the protection of personal data and the protection of confidential messages are fundamental human rights. The extent of data collection

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