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[Badass owndesignshirt] vintage cats lover all over printed crocs

UK oil, gas and mining companies to use the VPs to manage security and human rights risks more effectively, and encouraged greater openness by companies in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. More detail on our chairmanship year can be found in our 2014 annual report. implemented the requirements of the OECD 2012 Common Approaches, an considered relevant adverse project-related human rights impacts in providing applicable Export Credit Agency support through UK Export Finance. UKEF will consider any reports made publicly available by the UK National Contact Point in respect of the human rights record of a company when considering a project for export credit. The UK has been involved with the discussions, and negotiations, on the implementation of the OECD 2012 Common Approaches and the need to amend this, in respect of ongoing experience on project-related human rights. The UK continues to be involved in negotiations on any agreed clarifications to the OECD 2012 Common Approaches. 13.The UK has ratified a series of international treaties and agreements – the International Labour Organisation’s eight core conventions, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights – which enshrine human rights and fundamental freedoms and have been given effect through the law. Currently the Human Rights Act 1998 ensures that individuals in the UK have a remedy for the breach of rights which are protected by the European Convention on Human Rights . It applies to all public authorities and other bodies performing public functions, as private companies sometimes do. support dialogue between business people, parliamentarians and civil society on the implementation of the business and human rights agenda, and share examples of good practice and examples of where the absence of this has created difficulties for companies. Instruct our embassies and high commissions to support human rights defenders working on issues related to business and human rights in line with EU Guidelines on human rights defenders. Review the degree to which the activities of UK State-owned, controlled or supported enterprises, and of State contracting and purchasing of goods and services, are executed with respect for human rights, and make recommendations to ensure compliance with the UNGPs. Begin certifying Private Security Companies in the UK based on the agreed UK standard for land-based companies, by working with the UK Accreditation Service to take forward the certification process, ensuring this includes expert human rights advice. We will also agree a standard for maritime PSCs this year. We will take forward our work with the Swiss, Australian and US governments, industry and NGOs to establish an international mechanism to monitor compliance with the International Code of Conduct for Private

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