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Indigenous Affairs Coordination Unit, it will publish a Participatory Guide concerning Indigenous Rights and Cosmovision of Indigenous Peoples, allowing to advise and train business enterprises about these peoples and the respect for their rights. o Train workers about their rights and the Guiding Principles through the introduction of subjects related with business enterprises and human rights in the programmes of study of the Union School, with emphasis, inter alia, on labour rights and child labour. o Introduce subjects concerning business enterprises and human rights in a future Handbook about the focus on human rights of public policies. o The General Directorate of International Economic Relations , will carry out internal actions to promote knowledge around business and human rights with the purpose that staff working in this Directorate take these criteria into account when developing their activities. First, within the United Nations system, the ILO has to ensure an effective follow-up to the Social Summit at the Special Session of the General Assembly that will take place in Geneva in June 2000. The ILO has had a central role in promoting the Summit’s commitment on employment within the United Nations system. It coordinated the UN ACC Task Force on Full Employment and Sustainable Livelihoods. It has undertaken country employment policy reviews in all regions and held regional conferences, the results of which will be submitted to an ILO International Consultation concerning Follow-up on the World Summit for Social Development, to be held in November this year. The outcome of this Consultation will provide the basis for the ILO’s contribution to the Special Session of the General Assembly. The ILO has also engaged in support of the other commitments made at the Summit, in particular as concerns poverty eradication, social integration and gender equality. These are important concerns, not merely in terms of the ILO’s own mandate but also in terms of generating a wider consensus on the social goals of adjustment and development. They might require greater ILO involvement in ECOSOC, particularly in its Commission on the Status of Women and Commission on Social Development. Relationships with the United Nations system, the Bretton Woods institutions and the major regional organizations are of critical importance for the ILO. They define the ILO’s profile within the international community and extend its reach to the outside world. They give international legitimacy and recognition to the role of business and labour as important representatives of civil society, and give them a voice in emerging structures of global governance and a place in multilateral development programmes. This has several organizational implications. Different strategies need to be developed to address the interests of different audiences, using language and information tools appropriate to each. Public outreach is a responsibility of all senior ILO officials, of

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