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liberalized, deregulated, privatized and reduced the role of the State. But while they accept the need for reforms, many constituents now want advice on reform programmes that are both market oriented and socially sensitive, and take better account of the specific context of African economies. Promoting the promulgation of affirmative action laws to expedite the process of achieving equality between women and men. The ILO must also strengthen links with regional institutions — including development banks, United Nations regional commissions, organizations such as the European Union, and other regional and subregional forums. The Plan of Action to promote the Declaration of Viña del Mar agreed upon at the XIth Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labour last October is a clear example of how resolutions taken at the regional level have important implications for ILO activities and provide useful guidelines. The ILO has yet to adjust to this new reality. In recent years the Organization has tended to polarize between the global level, where it sets priorities, policies and norms, and the country level, where it actually delivers services. The regional dimension — in substantive rather than in organizational terms — has generally remained weak, although it is often at this level that the social dimension of globalization is collectively addressed. The ILO needs to strengthen its ability to monitor regional trends, formulate policies and respond rapidly to regional challenges of adjustment and development. Though globalization implies a world reorganizing on a global plane, in practice much integration has been regional. Indeed, though globalization has given it fresh momentum, regionalization has occurred over a longer period. This has taken many forms. In East and South-East Asia, for example, firms have been joining up in regional production networks, while throughout the world many nation States have come together to cooperate on trade and other issues. Whatever the process, the result has been increasing intraregional flows, not just of goods and capital but also of people as migrant workers moving to neighbouring countries in search of better jobs. If globalization creates a number of common themes and challenges, its impact differs across regions becaue of the diversity of historical, cultural, economic and social contexts. The ILO must address these contexts — and learn from them. There is no unique model or best practice, only comparative experience and good practice. In both the design and delivery of its services, the ILO must demonstrate flexibility and sensitivity to regional and national diversities. The MERCOSUR Declaration on Social and Labour Affairs signed in December 1998 commits member States to promote social dialogue at the national and regional level by instituting effective, standing mechanisms for consultation with representatives of employers and workers in order to promote sustainable economic growth and social

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