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l obligations and to business sensitivities. Other possibilities include training for multicultural management of social issues and for socially sensitive restructuring, which could both become important new areas of ILO activity. The Follow-up to the Declaration also opens the way for a more substantive policy debate on development issues and rights at work within the ILO. This could lead to a better understanding of the problems and perspectives of different countries and regions, and suggest better ways of addressing them. The effectiveness of the Follow-up will be crucial in reducing the political tensions of global adjustment. Its transparency, the feedback to technical cooperation, the emphasis on promotion and development, integration of a gender perspective, and greater public awareness of social progress and successful development, these are all key elements in building public credibility in the ILO approach to social reform in an interdependent world. Since the undertaking to realize the fundamental principles is independent of the ratification of the Conventions in question, the Declaration enables technical cooperation to develop its full potential within the ILO. The Declaration should therefore be viewed as a promotional instrument to translate the values of the Organization into programmes of integrated development. Respect for these rights is fundamental and requires no further justification, but respect for them will facilitate development itself. For example, the guarantee of rights at work enables people to claim freely a fair share of the wealth they have helped to generate, and to seek more and better work. The guarantee of those rights is therefore also a guarantee of a permanent process of translating economic growth into social equity and employment at all stages of the development path. These policies were influential because they were simple and universal. They brought necessary macroeconomic discipline and a new spirit of competition and creativity to the economy. They opened the way for the application of new technologies and new management practices. But they confused technical means of action — such as privatization and deregulation — with the social and economic ends of development. They became inflexible and did not take the social and political context of markets sufficiently into account. Their impact on people and their families was sometimes devastating. Increasing doubts about the efficacy of these prescriptions after a decade of experience in the transitional economies came to a head with the recent crisis in the emerging markets. That crisis marked a turning point in public opinion. The result has been both greater uncertainty and greater receptivity to a wider range of opinions, including the views of developing countries and of civil society. The expansion of ‘cyber space’ has brought huge economic and social benefits. However, it also poses risks and new opportunities for hackers, criminals and

the curious chickens all over printed crocs 2

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