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Why did I become a veteran shirt


September economic numbers show unemployment has now dropped to 7.9%.. Turn Florida all Blue like the. https://www.thecollegefix.com/middle-school-teacher/… Middle school teacher rips student for naming President Trump as person he admires | The College Fix. 200k dead Americans under Trump. I said a long long time ago that if anything could bring down the Republican Party, it would be a bat and a pangolin hooking up.. And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?. Every since Trump had those mini strokes, he does not look good.. If Trump is unable to govern, then nothing will have changed. Remember when Trump promised a new health care plan, lol. https://youtu.be/LutqtJnwpbk YOUTUBE.COM Raccoon-Geico-Nessie-Sary. Republicans used to stay true to their word. But not since Trump. They used to believe in family values, but now elected a pussy grabber. They used to believe in decency, but now they elected a man who mocked a handicapped reporter. Republicans use…

Why did I become a veteran hoodie

Trump will be the first POTUS considered a deadly weapon! Play GIF. Yeah.you have some making up to do with Hispanics; especially when you felt the need to pander towards Hispanics by caking on make up when speaking to Puerto Ricans the other week BrownFaceJoe. https://www.newsweek.com/66-percent-spanish-speaking-a… NEWSWEEK.COM 66 percent of Spanish-speaking Americans in Telemundo Twitter poll think Trump just won the debate. Stop settling for the lesser of the two evils and vote for good. Jo Jorgensen 2020!! #votegold #letHerspeak jo20.com JO20.COM Jo Jorgensen for President | Libertarian Candidate. So in regards to the 200k dead that Delusionalcrats say Trump is responsible for, I have 4 questions: 1. Exactly how many deaths would have Biden responsible for if he was president during this….either an exact percentage or exact number.. And who is investigating this completely unavoidable and oh so coincidentally timed crash”…in the criminal election stealing state of Florida, also a complete coincidence, Im sure.

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I voted by mail (Blue all the way) and its been received by the Clerk’s office. No postal delays. Same as the Primary.. Early in person voting opened here in mid-late September, already went and voted for Biden.
Just sidestepped the whole postal service and still voted early.. Biden and Harris
Play GIF. Famous Democrap saying, Vote early and vote often”!!!. Play GIF. I already mail my ballot . I used to be a Democrat but now I’m voting Republican to save America from Democrat liars.. Be safe. BIDEN, who can’t always remember what’s goin on & Kamala, who, was a part of the ‘ME TOO MOVEMENT’ that tried to ruin a man’s life! you know,,,,, Bret Cavanaugh!. I work at the polls on Election Day. I will vote for BIDEN in person.. There is a 1980 video of Oprah interviewing Trump on YouTube and she asked him about being President one day way back then. Very interesting video.

Why did I become a veteran tank top

And our country within the next 4 years will run with Trump in office. He will destroy our free State and his hate for people that disagree with him. I know God will not let him become President again.. Let make our vote stand for us and give us a better change with . People need to understand that until April 2020 Biden was saying covid was no big deal. Now he’s knows how to fix it after all the work is already done. Everything Biden said he would do was already done. If you say you are voting for Biden, you mean f… . If Kentucky doesn’t vote out Moscow Mitch, we can turn him into the minority leader. UNREAL THE CLAIM IS 75 OF AMERICSNS WANT LAW AND ORDER,
somebody lied specially when the polls are showing Biden leading, or any Democrat for that matter. Kentucky, please vote Moscow Mitch and Don the Con out!