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Thank you Marcus for showing love and care for the less fortunate,,just keep going only God will reward you.You have done what many have failed to do.Enough respect from me in Kenya,. Whatever happened in Glasgow is heart breaking..Mother found dead with malnourished baby! We are in 2020 this shouldn’t happen!. You are a good man Marcus .You are keeping going with this issue and all credit to you. I hope with the values I am instilling in my sons that they grow up to have the same moral conscience as you. By your side all the way and proud of you. X. Thank you, keep fighting for all those unable to fight, speaking for those unable to be heard and believing that every family has the right to live and thrive and not stumble from one day to the next, xxx. the left picture where the family appear , my heart felt that little child sitting next his parents looking helpless. sorry he doesn’t deserve worrying about his diner table in his age instead of playing kite at his yard

Skull flower breast cancer warrior 3d hoodie

Skull flower breast cancer warrior 3d hoodie, leggings, hollow tank top

You need to up your game next season. I want you to lead Man Utd to trophies and be named the best player. You’re my favorite Man Utd player and I want you ontop.. Pes is terrible mate, its a shame you’re forced to promote a game you don’t even play but they’re paying the club for fair dues.. Thats my main guy,,Haters gonna hate you but from me enough respect,,football is always like that,,keep on shining all the way.. I love this game but why it’s doesn’t have real squàd teams we all know it get boring like playin against Barca while I’m Barca nd sharing players with other users , PES pls make a plan boh Aiii!!. Marcus rashford did sancho j.sancho plays the first game of manchester utd vs bunley on date 12\9. You got to improve on finishing Marcos after Corona break really u gave away too many chances hope next session u will come up strong

Skull flower breast cancer warrior 3d hoodie

Skull flower breast cancer warrior 3d leggings, hollow tank top

Hey champ please help me am a young footballer from Nigeria, i wish to play in Europe please save my career (i just hope you see this). Bro please am a great player. Only if I can make it to MANCHESTER UNITED ACADEMY DOCTOR RASHFORD. I know you can do that for me.. Peter Kiddle. Mbappe is already getting closer to be named among the top 3 world best.. Victory Masiwo. You are an amazing solider that fights the good fight.. May you develop more in your skills, hearts and may you prosper… when they play shite and lose they wont post anything on their page cus their afraid of bashing. u feel now its time to post something cus we’ve forgotten how poor you were against sevilla. we havent!! you need to back up n be serious in the coming sea… See More. You’re not the Rashford we use to know

Skull flower breast cancer warrior 3d hollow tank top

What a lovely person. Wish more people were like you the world would me a much nicer place . Your a fantastic role model to children. Keep up the good work . You should be proud of what you done mate you are a inspiration to every kid. Your an inspiration. Keep up the good work #ALAW. You are such a great role model esp to my son and myself keep on keeping on Marcus Rashford may the Lord continue to bless you in everything you do. Wishing you all the best.. George Kylian Maroun Haddad. Thank you for raising so much awareness and funding x. I would really love to have your signed Manchester united jersey. I am from the same area you grown up and would just like to thank you from the bottom of my . You are indeed an inspiration to dis our generation. Keep up with the good works. Am he Skye is already ur resting place.#MUnited4life

Hello Marcus, I have a lot of respect for you and cannot thank you enough for drawing attention to vulnerable families. I’ve been working with one such family who go to school in Islington. The two African children lost their mother before the lockdown… See More
Help raise £1000 to help buy books & stationary for two children who have lost their mother lately and been unable to attend school because of health conditions. An absolute credit to man kind! You my friend will go down a saint in my eyes. Having a poor upbringing was rough and it does make you feel as though you wish you can do something for future generations struggling the same way! Best of luck with all yo… See More. I want to congratulate you on your impressive work. You are an incredible young man who is using his platform for change. If you were my son I’d be bursting with pride.