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NOTHINGS FREE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOR SHOULD THE IMMIGRANTS GET IT FREE. IT IS ONLY DONE TO FORCE HATE BETWEEN ALL THE PEOPLE SLAVES OF AMERICA!. Have they not traveled through the land and observed how was the end of those before them? And they were greater than them in power. But Allah is not to be caused failure by anything in the heavens or on the earth. Indeed, He is ever Knowing and Compet… No mask no opinion face mask Quran with English Translation. Some how CNN will eventually blame Trump for everything.. The President says they shouldn’t live in fear of the virus.. And maybe that is WHY????? . If only Dr Fauci the professional” didnt lie about the whole thing and mislead the public about masks . Well the democrat plan has gone very well with this family. But tRump says its not killing people Or was it Giuliani? Sorry. They all look/sound the same to me.

No mask no opinion face mask

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Life is so fragile. In a matter of months, lives n livelihoods perished. Just have to pick up the pieces and move on. The person laughing at this mans pain! Will be visited with a bigger pain on his miserable self!. China should be held accountable for letting it spread to the world. Best wishes to this man and his family…. 8 family members died from a disease with a 1% mortality rate?. So sad. Donald is responsible for all this mans troubles. All he has left is 821,000 dollars in medical bills. Lost 7 family members to COVID and lost his business that he had for the last 10 years. If I was this guy I would take those medical bills to… . So very sad! Sincere Condolences to you and I pray you and your lovely pregnant wife will have a very healthy baby! Bless you all!! No mask no opinion face mask

No mask no opinion face mask

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I am so sorry.. This president” has brought the worst garbage out of the basements of our country.. Making America great again. This is the behavior our president is normalizing.. The pure ignorance of racism should make those who act on it embarrassed, but still they carry on.. This is more than appalling. Had I been there, I’d have stood up and verbally lashed out. I’m sick of what that evil creature in the WH has given permission to. It is not right and not taking a stand is the same as being ok with it.. Absolutely disgraceful, to use such hate filled words against another human being I find so offensive I am deeply saddened.. There is absolutely no room in America for what Rep. Hayes endured. I can’t believe this crap is getting worse. God please protect America. Amen. I saw her interview earlier. She did a tremendous job, and should never have been subjected to this kind of attack

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I agree with Sen. Hayes! This issue doesn’t get resolved by continually taking the high road & sweeping these behaviors under the rug. The only way to solve problems is to bring them out into the open & talk about them.. Wow, Its sad that this BS is still happening in 2020! If I havent liked someone it’s because of the kind of person they are. Not their Race, Gender or Sexuality.. Some People think this is ok. Sad sad country we live in. Sad!. It’s a bait and switch tactic. The racist comments are instigated by democrats hired social media hit squads.. It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you are on, this is disgusting.. Get ready for the Blue Thrust. Forget the Blue Wave. I’m going with the Blue Thrust, because the beating that Democrats are about to lay on Republicans is going to be too explicit to air on national TV. It will have to be reserved for media outlets lik…
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May the Lord receive their souls and the family the fortitude to bear this sad moment. Praying for this family. I admire their faith and perseverance. So many families have been affected and this just shows you the lockdown has far stretching consequences that hurt those trying to put their lives back together.. Only tRump followers would laugh at this. Condolences to your family.. The Trump nightmare would be a more appropriate title! The coward who waved the flag of defeat against the pandemic would be a good title. An epic failure. the list is endless…. So sorry to hear I can only pray for you and your family… Other people are dying from other illnesses and accidents every day and you dont hear about there deaths on CNN. The only people scared of covid are on FB and Twitter. Everyone else is living their lives. This goes for people on the left and the right.