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Its also a choice of safe streets and communities, ENOUGH OF CHICAGO, PORTLAND, SEATTLE ET Los angeles lakers NBA finals 2020  It is a choice of building up our cities, states and countries or allowing Democrat left to tear them down and destroy them. Everyone vote red for President Trump he is the best he has to win november 3rd and be in office four more year he is the best. Biden will not win this. He’s falling apart and can’t handle the pressure. He has trouble remembering who he is, where he is and what he’s running for. Trump you got this by a landslide. Biden thinks hes running for the US Senate, and thinks Trump is running on his third term, and Biden also said, Quote ( Don’t vote for me) end of quote. Biden has totally lost it.. Again Biden had what sounded like 20 people. He said Trump won Ohio the lady 2 times so he thinks the president is running for a third term and forgot what state he was in. This is ridicoulous and disgraceful he’s running for president. Wake the hell u…

Los angeles lakers NBA finals 2020

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Mr. President, I stood in line for an hour and 20 minutes in order to vote for you in person today. It was totally worth it. Good luck!. Trump If YOU win=Respect for America, manufacturing jobs back to the US, Small business growth, restructured and better health care, peace with Russia and N. Korea instead of threats, stronger military. Awesome turnout thank you Pennsylvania!. You first said China was doing a great job with Covid. So we don’t trust what you say anymore.. We voted today… here in Texas…RED!!!. You nailed it our President Trump! We support you Los angeles lakers NBA finals 2020  And more prayers for the continued success! Like you said. Stood in line to vote for you today for 2 1/2 hours. Well worth it!. If democrats win its because they cheating on the mail in ballots thats already been shown. 4 more years. Who is with me ?. I want America to be great again.

Los angeles lakers NBA finals 2020

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Simple choice Biden will save lives, you will cost lives. Voted for Biden today. Georgia is leaving you.. I love watching Trumps rallies! The enthusiasm of the crowd, the cheers and the love for this man! Thousands and thousands at every rally! I wonder what the left really thinks when their candidate cant even fill a one room school house! . You Sir are a God send, can not thank you enough for fighting for America and American’s daily. You really deserve more respect than you get. All these polls they say your trailing in is bs, I’ve never been polled.. We are glad you are doing well so Joe Biden will take the second debate where he is scared of you democrats have to long live trump is second term and God bless America trump 2020. They are planning socialism higher taxes this country will be gone you will be working for the government

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Those of you with the (Haha), keep on laughing, i know that is what helped me get through 8 years of Odumass, it will help you get through 4 more years of POTUS Trump2020baby… THERE IS ONE WINNING. THE PEOPLE CHOICE. THE AMERICAN CHOICE. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020-2024, VOTE RED EVERY STATE, AND VOTE IN PERSON.. Puppet joe has to go. If Biden wins, so many felons win!!! They will take whatever they want.. 8 people at Biden events. 8k people at Trump events. And Biden is ahead in the polls?. Phyllis and David Holcomb stood in line 3 hours and glad we did. Many more Trump supporters were still in line. Fort worth , Texas. We in Burma stand with you, Mr. President. Please, communist dictator is executed for the world after electing.. Mr. President please
Do something about the power that mayors. Notice he never says Russia wins. Im really starting to believe that he was recruited

Save our country, Burmas reliance on Aung San Suu Kyi alone.. Russia wins if you win! P.S. I don’t like you and my suburban neighborhood is just fine.. This man is the most caring and has such stamina to stand and speak to us and say all he has done for this country and what he plans to do in the next 4 years!! No one has ever been able to keep having daily rallys and certainly not at 74 years old, th… . DON’T BE FOOLED!
Pelosi’s not trying to have President Trump declared unfit. She’s setting things in motion to take Biden out!!!. Praying Trump is in the whitehouse 4 more years but I have to know why someone who makes up to 99,000 a year needed a stimulus check. if they are hurting then it’s because they don’t spend their money wisely…… I’m alone and living on 9,000 a yea… See More