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Los angeles dodgers players signature baseball shirt


That’s why Marcus Rashford is different he loves Youngblood to grow well have a special day. Please Focus on what you do in the pitch not on social media you are distroying your talent. Marcus, I’ll like to see you scoring goals as usual as you have given mandatory.. It is a great shame more top players don’t do what Rashy is doing they earn. Large amounts of money instead of drinking. Please rashford tell martial to give pass when necessary especially in 18 Yard box. Tbf looks like the uniform hasn’t changed at all!. Breakfast clubs are soo important and many are not running at the moment due to Covid. We have many children coming to school without breakfast and therefore not eating until 1pm. It’s something I am trying to tackle in my school but it’s difficult get… See More. Proud of you bro. Make Kenya proud. If he says breakfast where’s the food on the other hand?

Los angeles dodgers players signature baseball shirt

Los angeles dodgers players signature baseball shirt royal

Sancho will derail the development of Greenwood and push DJ further down the pecking order.Not needed.. rashford I want one day you will come in Tanzania you what good young player like you for example mbwana samatta player was astoni villa. But same old story qualify for tournaments easy then fail when we get there. Wow so great bro joyful big up Fantactic Exellence Exactly. you’re the best striker on the man united as well as England squad!. Can’t you convince that boy to hand in transfer request . We know what you are trying to do Marcus Rashford don’t worry it will work. You have to make England a national team that the rest of the teams fear. Please bro convince Sancho somehow and bring him to old Trafford …we need to see you as a agent rashy this time. Sancho come on Manchester United play with together your friend Marcos Rashford

Los angeles dodgers players signature baseball shirt

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You are an inspiration to all of us. If only we could have someone like you in charge of the country who could see things through the eyes of normal people. You have experienced feeling hungry as a child so you understand it more than most.. I’m no fan of United, but you Marcus are an absolute hero, great to have someone that all children can look up to , absolutely Inspirational . You are an Amazing human being !!. I like your kindness towards the poor and your care shown towards kids.
I hope you have a successful football career with no or less injuries.. This is so very like data and information we have from schools we partner with in Malawi: children under attending, under achieving, falling asleep, missing school, dropping out (girls especially): all directly related to poverty and food insecurity.. Rashford… This is great…. I understand what you are trying to do, but there are a lot of working families not getting Universal Credit, who are struggling financially as well. Should there not be help for all children x

I took this for Button Lane’s Healthy School Award. Might have been Ms Pizey then….. Humble beginnings. Now a humble young man changing the world for the better!. What a lovely role model for the young ones of today, you’re family should be very proud of you, showing strength and proving anyone can achieve anything if they really want it xxx . Well done Marcus inspiring kids and teaching them they can be anything if they put their mind to it. My daughter enjoyed spending time with you yesterday too.. Total admiration for all your doing. As someone who worked in Wythenshawe schools for 24 years I admire you so much for standing up and using your position to make a difference for the children today. Thank you . John-paul Coe
You are wonderful for what you are doing for our youth Marcus. We’d love to share your visit with our Wythenshawe Schools for our Mapping Project which is focusing on the best of Wythenshawe and you are certainly that!
I’ll ask Carole Bond and Your Loc… See More

Brilliant Marcus. You are showing maturity far beyond your age and humility not often associated with young professional footballers…imagine what could be achieved if a few other footballers followed you…I salute you!. You’re off form in this last season, what happened?. Yae a good deal Marcu…. I have my granddaughter and I never received my vouchers at all. Peter Kiddle. God bless you Marcus. Lot of people are talking about football here. Can’t you guys take a break?? I guess you guys never experienced hunger at childhood. Allow Marcus to do what he was born to do okay. I looked on your website for details of how to get involved with ending child food poverty as it affects learning and all institutions – hospitals, PRUs, fostering and other families have to have enough to feed their children healthy fresh fruit and ve… See More. Keep up the outstanding work young sir!! As you’ve seen some people in our government have never experienced issues like this….as a single full time Dad of two young children and getting back into employment is the hardest thing I’ve ever faced…I’d… See More