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People laughing at this are sick.. 132 laugh reacts. Those people are apparently okay with the police entering your home unannounced while you’re sleeping. . The fact that so many people laughed at this article makes me lose some faith in humanity.. They were both involved in criminal drug activity. Look at the comments and the person who left it. Speaks volumes.. How is he not in JAIL right now? He is literally the reason all of this happened.. If he really cared about her he would have stopped his drug activity her death is on him!. They were about to cure world hunger too. In between buying drugs and having Taylor deliver them… It’s shameful that people see black people & automatically characterize them as being guilty! It’s real clear that the majority of ppl commenting didn’t read the article & it shows that your mind was already made up! Keystone light crocband crocs shoes

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Oh gee, we are to forget completely just why the cops were there – something to do with drugs??? Bad choices have a way of getting back at you. Im sorry she died but wrong time, wrong circumstances, wrong place, wrong choices.. Can you imagine being so hateful to laugh react at this article?. And used her as a shield. Loved her that much!!. Sounds like standing next to you is how she was killed. This story says they heard knocksbut I thought there was a no-knock warrant.. Instead of in front of you blocking gun fire. He will never recover from this trauma that he has lived since that night.. What is funny about her death? Some people are purely evil.. And use the dead person in her trunk as a centerpiece?. And from what I’ve read, we’re selling drugs out of the apartment.. For each laugh remark on this article there is a callous human being with no empathy or compassion in their hearts. If I were a christian” I would say “I am praying for you.” But, I am not, so instead I am just going to call you out. You should probab… Keystone light crocband crocs shoes

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Duh!!. https://www.foxnews.com//tucker-carlson-hunter-biden…
Tucker Carlson: The Joe Biden story Twitter and Facebook dont want you to read. Hunters emails!!!. Poor Joe Biden…. https://youtu.be/RZasrHQeKiY
The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY’S Payoff Scheme | Rudy Giuliani’s EXCLUSIVE Reaction. Who cares.. “My name is Joe Biden….I’m running for US Senator…..and I approve of this message”. https://www.facebook.com/officialteamtrump/videos/1222600898124897/. ValePao Cmg well I’m set then, since I’m obsessive.. Play GIF. Hey CNN wheres you story on Hunter biden??????. Just ask Joe!. Will Joe Biden come clean and tell how his family got wealthy because of his corruption? Instead of anonymous” sources like CNN uses, The New York Post has actual hard evidence. Proof Joe Biden knew his son Hunter was on the take. . Meh…. I’m screwed. Old tastament(Isaias 48:16) = New testament(John 18:20);
***********************************. Wake up Democrats, it is time to #walkaway https://nationalfile.com/new-york-post-publishes…/…
New York Post Publishes Photo Of Hunter Biden Sleeping With Crack Pipe In His Mouth – National File. Hunter Biden laptop hard drive!

This case is complex & a beautiful woman lost her life. There is no justice to be had.. I thought Kenneth Walker was shooting at the police before they killed her???. They were drug dealers. What a wonderful environment to raise children in. SMDH.. Walker stated that Taylor was the person firing at the Police. Yeah Walker is a real role model!. The people who laughed at this have no soul and if there is a hell, youll be on the shortbus there. Will gladly show the 120 people laughing at this how intolerant the ‘intolerant left’ is. So they announced they were there to serve a warrant and this man with no criminal record just started shooting at the police? Oh ok that makes a lot of sense.. Her mama bought a brand new house and car. We all grieve in different ways.. And if they would have lived a normal life. They could have fulfilled their dr

The interview on CBS This Morning was heartbreaking. The police are murderers and this didnt have to happen. My prayers are with Kenneth and the families.. It’s just messed up how they handled this.. they gave her family 12 million but no one got arrested for that? Doesn’t make sense.. 570 people laughed at the grief a man whose girlfriend died.
At least 570 despicable, horrible people read this, and think that it is -funny-.… . These same people were crying 5 minutes ago over Barron Trumps COVID diagnosis. This is why Trump will lose, him and his base don’t care about all Americans, only ones who look like themselves, deny science, and try to infuse a morally twisted version… See More. In every picture, you can see the kindness and good in Breonna’s face. I’m so sorry for the extraordinary loss to her family, boyfriend, friends, work peers, and community. You can’t bring her backbut the rest must be fixed.