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I’m Hagrid when he says “I shouldnt said that”. 1! Because my husband is making his burgers tonite!. Anybody wanna buy harry potter and voldemort sketch. I didn’t realize Hagrid was so 1 dimensional . 5. One of my favorite people just died . today I’ve been pretty much 4. 4, kind of moody.. Hope it is better than any of those!. HAgrid: U r a wizard, Harry. I’ve been 5 for a while now. 6 I love autumn . Autumn mood consists of supporting the franchise and not Rowling.. 6. Love this time of year. A mix between 2 and 4. TWO with a bit of FIVE thrown in. The air doesn’t get “crisper” until mid-December over here in Cali . 6. I woke up at 5:30 AM and I’m happy. I’m a 2 today . 2, i have school!!. Definitely 6!!. 1 it’s summer here. I’m a #2 for today

Iskä onneksi en ollut pelkkä tumputus hyvää Isänpäivää muki

Iskä onneksi en ollut pelkkä tumputus hyvää Isänpäivää muki 11oz

Just downloaded it.. Music z so mesmerizing. This is the greatest game ever made to play!! . Not available in South Africa . I’m on level 410. It’s hard but doable. And no ads!. Not available in my country . Looking for a few good wizards to join my club.. Why wasn’t this released instead of the weird AR game? :)). In Malta the game has not launched yet. I’ll wait for that mmorpg thats coming.. If you need a club join mine #always#. Not available in Pakistan as well. “Worldwide”. A smile and a mood create a fabulous mood.. . Everything secret and magical becomes apparent.. Why isn’t it available in Greece?????. Unliking Harry Potter due to the author’s malignant hatred for trans people.. I have this game on my tablet. I recommend this game if you’re a Potter Head or not. This game is awesome.. not available in my country…why

Iskä onneksi en ollut pelkkä tumputus hyvää Isänpäivää muki

Iskä onneksi en ollut pelkkä tumputus hyvää Isänpäivää muki 15oz

Happy birthday Mrs. Weasley. The most talented witch at her age. I really admire her when she wore an purple gown at triwizard tournament party…she’s looked so beautiful.. My favorite moment is when Ron told Harry that they wouldn’t last two days without hermione, she is the cleverest. Witch, happy birthday. Many wonderful moments. Punching Malfoy. Crying after seeing Ron with Lavender, entering the Yule Ball and looking so lovely and nervously happy in that beautiful dress, obliviating her parents, saying things like “I read it in ‘Hogwarts, A History'”… See More. Happy Birthday, Hermione!. Happy Birthday! Favorite moment is when she punches Malfoy in the mouth!. Happy Birthday, Hermione! My favorite moment was when she turned into a cat in Chamber Of Secrets. . Too many moments to choose from! Thank you for bringing magic into our lives!. Happy Birthday Hermione. Loved it when you were in the dungeon playing wizards chess.

My favorite hermoine moment there so many.. When she punched malfoy, when she kissed Ron, when she walked down the stairs whith that beautiful dress. I have a lot of favorite moments! Here’s them from each book/movie
1. Whenever she lied for Harry and Ron. Happy Birthday to the greatest witch of her age!!!! Love Hermione! She is my favorite girl on the movies!! I favor her so much in her knowledge of magical stuff!! My favorite Hermione moment was when she punched Draco Malfoy!!

. I think one of my faves is in the Chamber of Secrets is when Harry asks her how she is after the Wizards chess and she says”never better!” Or when she says “does my hair really look like that in the back?”. Happy birthday Emma, you brought Hermione to life like no one ever will be able to again . Happy birthday Hermione/Hermelien! One of my favourite moments is in the books and the movies in year 5 where Harry kissed Cho and Hermione explains why Cho is crying and what she feels and everything. Then Ron replied that no one could feel that in on… See More

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Who loves potions ?? In the half blood prince !! I just love and laugh at seeing the results everybody comes up with!!! Its hilarious ! . I hope they’ve filled the “Defense Against Transphobia” position.. And even put a stopper in death!. Joselito Zapata. Harry Potter and his magical abilities and exploits.. Don’t know what’s in store.. Any fairy tale is a world of amazing wonders.. Wonderful. Awesome and fabulous days.. A new Question…WHO IS IT THAT reads Harry’s tea leaves and sees the GRIM one of the darkest omens in the wizarding world an omen of WHAT ?? ANSWER WHAT AND WHO SAID IT ??. Everything is very interesting and fabulous!. MY NEXT QUESTION IS A BIT HARDER AND THE REASON WHY HAS 2 OPTIONS in Harry Potter and the ORDER OF THE PHOENIX Dumbledore ask that professor SNAPE teach Harry the SILL of *BLANK* TO CONTROL THE LINK BETWEEN LORD VOLDEMORT AND HARRY and the second p… See More