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In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin mug – Teasearch3d 301020


just waiting to go back!. Still my favorite scene. Will be enjoying Harry Potter Pause GIF. My favorite movies! . What I whis is to inskrip. remove the bluish hue to the films and rerelease them in 3-D.. I have never seen the HP movies so my daughter (big fan of HP) & I are watching each movie with props and food each weekend till we finish all 8 movies. This is so much fun. Thank goodness she is a fan so she can narrate what’s going on.. Lol . Can you release all extended versions of all the movies? Thanks.. Pradeep Rajpoot. HOGWARTS IS MY HOOOOME. In harry potter Play GIF. MifavoriteisHarryhermioneron. undefined. why 9 and 3/4 well 3+4 =7 but JKR told us there are 9 more books and have been written JKR told us that in Book 1. I like to watch the Harry Potter movies. Why the number *9* and 3/4 well we know 3 + 4 = 7 and that number is used lots of places so why did JKR use the number 9 we knew there were 7 books could it mean there are 9 other books of HARRY POTTER is it possible was it just random or does mean … See More

In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin mug

In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin mug 11oz

Happy Birthday Hermione !!. Happy Birthday Emma!! . Basically, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT But, if have to choose – not a popular one but show the essence of her: in the 7th movie part 1, in an alley in london with the enchanted little bag, she had *everything* in there like a young Merry Popins . Happy birthday Hermione . Happy birthday to the brightest witch of her age , Hermione Granger . Happy Birthday to bful witch of all time…my fav moment when she tried to teach Ron that spell “Wingardium leviosa”… . You’re Harry Potter! I’m Hermione Granger, and you are? (Mumbled) Ron Weasley…. Pleasure . I like the emotion she went through when she had to obliviate her parents.. The most iconic movement , when she says, ” it’s leviOsa not leviosAr”. A slightly stunned silence greeted the end of this speech, then Ron said, “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.”

In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin mug

In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin mug 15oz

Looks fun. I hope I can play as a member of my house. The best house. The house of Slytherin.. I want it but I can’t justify giving JK any more of my money…… I’m excited for this! Love anything HP. And as for JK. Rowling situation doesn’t matter. She has her opinion just as anyone else does and is entitled to it just like others are. I’m here for the game and that is it.. Looks great. Been waiting since I first read the book back in 98! 22 years of waiting!. Looks like fun….but I wish there was one more, looong book of Harry Potter…. Looks great, just can’t stand JK Rowling, which puts a damper on my excitement. “looks like fun”…is that all everyone has to say? I’ve waited 20 years for a rpg video game like this for the HP universe.
media1.tenor.co. Would love but will NOT give JK Rowling one cent more after she has proven what a despicable human she is.

My favorite is when she is sitting on the steps, crying on Harry’s shoulder, after she sees Lavender and Ron kiss for the first time. She fought her feelings for Ron until that moment, but she expressed them freely to Harry.. Happy birthday Hermione. I still don’t get how you and Potter didn’t end to be together!. I loved the scene when Hermione dances with Harry after Ron left and he was trying to cheer her up. You can see and feel how special their friendship is and the love they have for one another, like brother and sister. . Happy Birthday Emma, and thanks for all the hours of enjoyment you provided for an 82 year old great grandmother. I am truly a Hogsworth’s fan.. Books: Half-Blood, when she describes what the Amortentia potion smells like to her, giving a small indication into the depths of her feelings for Ron.

I have watched them a thousand times and read them a million times but it is still so much fun to indulge in Harry Potter series. It never gets old.. Yes potter fans tune into E channels marathons of Harry Potter all dsy today.. Watching it on TV right now..Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is on E! . Watching now. Gryffindor
Play GIF. Gryffindors are charismatic. Pradeep Rajpoot
Hogwarts is my Home. Gryffindor . I love it!!. Welcome to home. May I know harry’s house pls. Gryffindor. Where my Hufflepuffs at?!. Hogawarts. miss u so muchh harry potter. Gryffindor. #Ravenclaw. #ravenclaw. media1.tenor.co. media1.tenor.co. ⁦
⁩⁦. media1.tenor.co. undefined. undefined. Wonderful. media1.tenor.co. I fall in love with Harry.. 3 Horcruxes why not 4 ? ODD there is a horcrux for 3 of the founders or HOUSES why not Gryiffdore House BUT IF YOU KNOW JR LIKE I DO THERE IS ONE THE SWORD