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The republican platform is outdated, and they are outnumbered.. so they cheat. Republicans don’t even hide they want to cheat. WHY THEY ARE NOT UNDER ARREST FOR DOING THIS ITS SO ILLEGAL. lame schemes like this will not affect CA_election outcomes. The Democratic Party currently holds veto-proof supermajorities in both houses of the California State Legislature. The Assembly consists of 61 Democrats and 18 Republicans, with one vacanc… . Vote all Republicans out- they break the law and do whatever they want. If Democrats did this they would already be at court. They are liars and cheats. So isn’t tampering with official ballots illegal!? Who handles the ballots after they are dropped in there? I assumed only election officials should be handling these ballots. Man the Democrats have got a lot of work to do when Winning all government branches to fix so much corruption. But will be easy with no controlling vote from Republican house or Congress, Democrats are going to do what ever they want just like Trump ad… See More Harley davidson personalized custom name crocband crocs shoes

Harley davidson personalized custom name crocband crocs shoes

Harley davidson personalized custom name crocband crocs shoes pic 1

Throw someone in jail and fine the California Republican Party.. How can they NOT comply? I say this is all a result of people not complying with subpoenas from congress for hearings and they just feel like they can flout the law. There should be criminal consequences for this. And from people who swear so much to l… . The state needs to go around and pick all the boxes up or at least lock the boxes. Again, they are getting away with this too. How can this be legal??? This is just too outrageous!. law enforcement should remove them if they are against the orders.. Republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage this election and it’s really unfortunate. I hope people aren’t dumb enough to use these makeshift ballot boxes.. Go ahead GOP and continue the dirty tricks, because the more you do that, the more determined people are to vote you out. Harley davidson personalized custom name crocband crocs shoes

Harley davidson personalized custom name crocband crocs shoes

So the “party of law and order” is refusing a lawful order the irony is sadly lost on them I am sure. The GOP is so desperate they, just like their so called leader, will do anything illegal or close to it.. Well then I guess it must be ok for the Texas DNC to set up unofficial drop boxes all over Texas to make up for Abbott saying there can only be one per county. Problem fixed!. Then the law should remove these boxes!! They are not State official Ballot boxes, this making those boxes and those with it Trespassing at Official Polling stations!!. A cardboard file box is secure???
IMO, this is a clear example of attempted voter fraud. Is an AUTHORIZED election official in charge of the box???. Looks like the hard drive they found is going to be a problem for the biden crime family.. Since it’s obvious only republicans are using the boxes, just invalidate all of the ballots citing potential fraud and be done with it

Why would they when theyre trying to influence the outcome? Lemmings one and all.. Why won’t the government go in and remove the boxes themselves and arrest those disobeying the law?. Then remove the boxes and have the ballots burnt. Give a notice to the public saying if they were used by someone, theyll need to vote again at a sanctioned ballot box.. I like how removing the word official” from them makes this alright in the eyes of Republicans. That really fixes the issue. . They’ll do anything to cheat and skew the voting for Republicans.. Hope they collect only republican ballots & the election board refuses to accept non official drop boxes. The party of law and order, refusing a State order.. What is to say they won’t open the ballots and discard any democratic votes?. Find them, dismantle them and return to the CA GOP offices. That’s really shameful

We gonna talk about Hunter?. Wheres hunter?. I agree some of the cartoons are so funny they should have. Book with all. Posted to be sympathy for Joe or what CNN??? LOSERS. ASK JOE BIDEN, he would know!. Where’s your report on Hunter Biden???. Then get Joe out of the basement . Whats that? I couldn’t remember what I was reading Report on the bombshell tech is suppressing. Hunter Biden emails prove Joe involved.. So this is why Democrats become so incredibly clueless early on in life..