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Example Biden!. I couldn’t care less.. CNNWHY ARENT YOU REPORTING THE IMMENSE EVIDENCE OF BIDEN CORRUPTION, HIS DEALS WITH FOREIGN COUNTRIES. HE HAS ENRICHED HIS FAMILY THROUGH HIS PUBLIC SERVICE ONCE AGAIN, JOE .. crack addict Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth while passed out on the bed! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/How-Hunter-Bidens…? Guitar Van Halen 3d hoodie DAILYMAIL.CO.UK How Hunter Bidens scandals might jeopardize Joe’s presidential run How Hunter Biden’s scandals might jeopardize Joe’s presidential run. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGV_zs0AEh9/…. CNN is Apathetic to the DNC. That explains trump well. Death is but a doorway, whats important is whether you go up or down…..Yahshua HaMashiach is the Way, the Life and the Truth !!! . How can you have goals at that ages when you’re looking death in the face? Get real. Well then you should study Biden I’m afraid lol.. TRUMP 2020 For the BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. https://nypost.com/…/senate-committee-investigating…/ NYPOST.COM Senate committee investigating alleged Hunter Biden drive, smoking-gun email Senate committee investigating alleged Hunter Biden drive, smoking-gun email

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Senior Slayer Fredos brother Andy Cuomo Now Targets Jews With $15,000 Fines for Covid Violations Guitar Van Halen 3d hoodie Play GIF Tenor. Who was the last president you saw willingly call out and take on the “Military Industrial Complex” along with the shadow government, or Deep State if you will— all while fighting the Federal Reserve tooth and nail and attempting to bring minorities above the poverty threshold? Hell, doing so at the same time that he and his are diligently trying to prevent many foreign conflicts? Kennedy, right? How did that unfortunately end? Donald Trump, along with a band of patriots behind him are doing this right now! Listen, I know the man is loud and brash, but I think many are severely misinformed about the overall intent of the current administration. He’s fighting the same globalist sect of traitors that Kennedy was before being murdered. Aspects of Eisenhower’s regime tried fighting back as well, and an element Reagan first attempted to take on before getting shot! Which only emboldened Bush Sr. to counter Reagan through the years, conveniently enough, probably forcing his will on Ron many times throughout. You’ve essentially got the far left commies over here, and the war mongering neo-cons over there. Two factions pretending to be on separate sides, yet fighting for the same obedient cause. One that keeps the elites wealthy and in control, while the “free citizens” kneel with reliance on them.. as well as being subservient in nature. The Deep State; the NWO if you wish to call it such, does exist. Their power is slipping though, which explains all of the chaos. However, the outcome of this election and months soon after, assuming we win— greatly benefits us all. I promise! MAGA

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If this is a picture of one of their drop boxes’, it is NOT secure nor ‘official’. And, staffed by volunteers or party officials??” Give me a break. Just another way to get their hands on the ballots illegally. Take the lid off. Take a peak. Toss the… . Why is the gop not being removed from official polling when they do blank show such disregard for doing things correctly. After this election how can the world stand by and let merica ever step into another country’s politics when it’s clear they don’… See More. What better way to claim fraud of an election by making sure they commit it. GOP – Greedy Old Parasites.. So they’re preforming ballot tampering.. which is illegal. ARREST THEM.. Yet another republican group caught doing the very fraud that they constantly accuse democrats of. Oldest trick in the fascist playbook. Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.

Who do the execs think staff and run their parks? They certainly dont.. Disney is a business. That’s what businesses do. She is a politician who makes money by not being in her state and criticizing the wealthy even though she got her education and made her money by lying and continues to do the same. Fraud. Tell us what you know about Hunter Biden and Ukraine? Show us some honest thorough reporting. or she could lecture Newsome to allow the park to open.. Why do they deserve these bonuses, their executives can weather this pandemic out. These bonuses should go to thier frontline workers, who make this possible.. She’s one to talk, rolling around in her $10 million net worth.. Hopefully they never received any of the economic relief funding.. I want to know how she figures Disney took care of their share holders. They stopped their dividend payment and haven’t announced a reinstatement

Thats what a lot of the big companies have done they took the money and ran we are still screwed. Disney is doing the samething Senators are doing, protecting their profits. Congress isn’t giving up their paychecks to help the unemployed.. dont go there, dont buy their stuff, I have not been in over 30 years and I live in FL. Don’t like any big corps taking big payouts and screwing over the workers. shame. Weird that a government official slams a private corporation for bad practices when they literally steal money from the tax payers every year.. Cnn where’s the breaking story about Joe and Hunter Biden meeting with Burisma Holdings? Sensor much?. She needs to stay in her lane and this isn’t it.. They are both guilty as charged, congress and companies done it, very lucrative for them, thats how sick capitalism works -at the expense of individual people