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Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask


Anybody see the fly land on the turd with white hair?. Trump says he has a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. He has no plan.. What about court packing? Will Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask You or will you not pack the Supreme Court? Simply Yes or No. He dont anything about any topic in the debate.. 210,000 deaths on his watch!And if they cared about embryos/ life then they would ban ivf. With it’s small % of success and disregard for embryos not used. They only use abortion to get those church goers on their regime. And her soul is darker then her face. Pitty the husband!. I’m thrilled to be watching this historic debate between a black woman and an alien in a human skin suit.. Pence you just screwed your self with all woman telling them what to do with their body!! SHUT UP! Don’t you or trump ever tell a woman what to do with their body!! FU!

Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask

Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask pack 3

did everyone catch the giant FLY crawling on Pences head ,,hope the FLY doesnt get Mikes Covid!!!. Smoother delivery than his boss, but same disregard for the rules. He’s just as ignorant.. Trump listened to Fauci…. so if Biden and Harris was in office would they not listen to Fauci?. As rude as you-know-who. Mr. Milquetoast is quite an interrupter.. Pence is just rude and a puppet.. Trumpster cluelessness, updated for 2020: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue with no mask and infect 50 people, and I wouldn’t lose any support.”. 210,000 deaths on his watch! Thats 30,000 deaths a month that is 10x more deaths each month than the world trade centers.. Andrew Jackson hunted natives for sport, so lets not absolve him of that.. Turn off his mic! Sick of their debate cheating!!. I highly doubt that. They can’t even pass a bill without fighting over technicalities Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask

Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask

Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask pack 5

Amazing watching Pence- a Christian – defending the indefensible- subverting the truth to protect the Liar and Thief.. Mike Pence is so articulate, and level headed. 4 more years!. Pence is excellent at hitting his talking points. Barely any tells when he lies, almost like he believes his own deceits.. Shes putting him in his place.. The lies coming from this woman’s mouth were unbelievable! America is so much better than her vision of Socialism and a campaign of lies.. Well, since this vet is still a sucker and loser.and since Pence would not rectify or clarify what Trump meant…..I am voting for Biden.. Kamala doesn’t answer the questions!! Kamala lies! Kamala will NOT answer questions about the new green deal!! She refuses to tell the truth about the new green deal! This is ridiculous!!!. Heck, he barely answered anything…I wanted to know about transfer of power should Trump lose and he wouldn’t answer.

Grinch like a good neighbor stay over there face mask pack 10

The kool aid drinkers endanger others with their lies. Stop this orange disgrace. Harris says not gonna stop fracking and save the planet!
WTHeck is going on?

Biden Says Hell Ban Fracking, Ban Coal Plants, And Ban Offshore Drilling & Drilling On Federal Land. Baphomettt is ?? MOLOCH IS ??? who is greater? can baphomettty be sacrficed to MOLOCH and then we can save the children??? asking for an undecided voter.. The right answer on packing the court should be- “ after we win the election we will let the American people decide “ !!!. Muder isn’t health care, how can you be so evil?. Why wasn’t Biden allowed communion?. That is not even up for a decision . Afraid your children sacrifices will be made illegal? Boohoo.. Covid is Immoral think about that. There are Russian bots commenting on this site! Yuck!. Losers couldn’t take it. Funny how people want to engage, but can’t take or accept a different opinion. Toughen up people! Don’t be afraid to debate or disagree.

Voting does matter, thats why with the help of intelligent democrats we voted in the greatest President of your lifetime, Trump.
This after 8 years of biden obama corruption. Abuse of the IRS, FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice. Intelligent Democrats…
MAGAPILL. I think Pence just killed her somebody should check for a pulse. Well if you got a cure put it out now. Didn’t think so, y’all full of crap.. LIARS! There are no experts only bought and paid for scientist !. Shes a tool with slaveowner family. Fam had 200 slaves jebus. Yes you said the true thank you . undefined. Kamala for President!!. Wake up. Play GIF. I think pence won the debate. CONGRATULATIONS
SEN. HARRIS. undefined. She’s nothing but lies. calvin Parks.Such a childish comment.How Old are you 10?That’s So Old.. Yes she won. Congratulations Kamala.. Kamala . https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2721083188157991. Democrats remain the losers!!!
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