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Finish girls are sunshine mug


Finish girls are sunshine mug  · 22:38 May God give you rest, refreshing and continued strength Mr President to stand for the American people. May He be a hedge of protection around you..   · 50:22 God Bless Our President! 2020.   · 1:33:12.   · 21:47.   · 1:05:36.   · 19:42.   · 17:25.   · 0:00.   · 24:06.   · 1:31:47.   · 25:13 Trump 20/20 what an amazing wonderful president four more years.   · 1:52.   · 0:00.   · 25:37.   · 34:55 Trump 2020!.   · 38:35 I voted today in Texas.Go Trump four more years…..   · 1:29:48.   · 41:15.   · 0:00 Idi Amin was a better President Play GIF.   · 31:34.   · 33:44.   · 14:18.   · 4:55 Chasity Hoffman 4 more terms? A term =4 years. .   · 2:10 Prayers Mr. President. May God Bless you through this Election time .   · 31:52.   · 1:05:41

Finish girls are sunshine mug

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What about the crap you need to release???. Soon as you release those taxes.. If you release your taxes I dont see the problem.. Biden almost 50 years of corruption and people are actually going to cast a vote for the Democratic Party. That’s some really stupid people to not see what would come down the pipe if they vote that direction. I hope this is the first of many uncovering in the coming weeks and months. A lot of people need to go to jail. The media needs to report the truth and stop under serving America. It’s such nonsense please just start reporting the actual news.. Terrible how the leftist media tries to hide anything that shows how corrupt and incompetent Joe Biden is! The bias must stop! People deserve to hear the truth!. And this is why our fore fathers created the Constitution!! I’m so disgusted by all of them. Round them up, charge them.and they will turn on each other so fast their heads will spin!! Facts!! Finish girls are sunshine mug 

Finish girls are sunshine mug

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The outrage is that the FBI has all this dirt and hid it while Trump was being impeached for what Biden actually was guilty of. Mr. President how in the world does Christopher Wray still have a job?. How about releasing the transcript of your secret meetings with Putin!. It’s amazing the lack of coverage the mainstream media gave this story today! If this was a trump family member as Tony Soprano would say “forgettaboutit”. Lol. Sure. Meanwhile you are asking the Supreme Court to block the release of your taxes. Again.. The only person that believes his kid Is innocent cant remember he’s running for president. The conspiracy to hide the Biden’s corrupt behavior is certainly a contrast to the enthusiastic dissemination of utterly false accusations against Trump four years ago. Surprised?. Quid Pro Joe is the most corrupt politician ever running for president. This is why I like Trump. He is calling out all corrupt politicians that’s why the ones on the republican side quit

You should do the same release all transcripts with Russia. After the emails of Hillary Clinton were published, and the facts were revealed to everyone, it became clear how much supporting Biden is very dangerous. Its Biden who was Vice President of the United States of America in the Obama’s administration, a… . If trump found a way to get out of paying his high ass taxes its because the dems created that loop hole..cant be mad at a guy for using a system they put in to playwho wants to pay more then they have too… I sincerely wish the attorney general had the courage needed to prosecute these big named” people. Bill Barr hasn’t charged or arrested anyone that infested DC in recent years; #FireBillBarr. You should also release your tax return. Divider. What about your tax returns?. You people are worried about taxes while our reps are in bed with china..that released this covid virus on the world..just shows how blind you are to the lefts garbage!

There are many quiet supporters but I love seeing how many actually show up for President Trump! I pray these same people & the quiet supporters show up to reelect President Trump & protect our freedom!. You were on fire tonight!! Perfection and more!!. Look at that crowd, but the far left media says Bidens leading in the polls. Now . Would love to see you in Sioux Falls.. WOW Look at the crowds. Mr. President the state of Massachusetts wants you to come to there rallies, there’s many many Trump supporters here in Massachusetts PLEASE COME to MASSACHUSETTS. It boggles my mind how they say its a close race when Trumps crowds look like this.. Trusting in God so it will be dear President, we are praying a lot for you, so that the Lord Jesus Christ will keep you, give you health, wisdom and above all so that he continues to guard your heart