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This is heartbreaking. Thank you for continuing to fight for hungry children Marcus, you are doing wonders.. You are an outstanding human being Marcus, thank you.. So awful and tight of UK tories to allow this to happen in 21st century. Surely must be ILLEGAL?. Thanks man for having a godly heart many have whatever it takes to do so but the spirit of I don’t care over took them may God bless you abundantly that you can even reach to African children mainly Uganda.. The story is amazing and touching man…. Keep it up bro how I wish to get such a person like you in my life. May God bless the work of your hands. Seeing all about it on the news now. Well done Marcus and all who you’re teaming up with. X. Amazing work you’re doing there, proud to be part of your fanbase.. you are a beacon of light in dark times. very well done

Deer hunting 3d hoodie

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Bale . Let go, you’re better. But #ManchesterUnited are gonna be unstoppable anyway! #RedDevilTilIDie. COVID is a good excuse to change another rule. England for the World Cup too. I’m in a curfew and lockdown in Melbourne on second wave so thanks for your updates depressing days my son is a arsenal fan like his dad . Please could you share for a little baby boy from eccles born at 24 weeks weighing 560grams Eccles little baby boy Lincoln. My idol. I from to Việt Nam. We need a trophy next season. Please rashy u need to gain your form back, please we can’t afford to fail to compete for premier league trophy next season,wish you and the rest of the players an excellent season ahead. Please call me on 233267171763 for us to chat. hdd. Gautam Balakrishnan Sushant Kaw Shubhang Malik Surbhi Jain Mohammed Bugedwala Dipjyoti Bhattacharyya Anant Yadav Harshal Shah Aditya Raghav Supragya Saurabh Apratim Mukherjee lmao

Deer hunting 3d hoodie

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Children in poor families are not the majority of hungry children,. Thank you Marcus Rashford one of the best players work hard to achieve whatever you plans to happen in your life… One day this your fans here Malawi…. It is important that children get the right food and nourisment but also parents should be more responsible and only have children they can afford to many fathers are not paying there share !. I dont understand this at all.
We were all poor. I was born in 1945. My mum died when I was 11, sperm donor had done a runner years before. My pensioner nan looked after me.. So very important that children never go hungry and are able to feed the brain and have the stamina to take part in a good education . We need to nourish and support all our children. Education is a right not a privilege. No society should want to see … See More

Deer hunting 3d shirt

I’m lost for words if only our so-called “leaders” approached issues like this……keep listening and the right answers will come, and we will support you on the path forward . Well done to you for all your efforts to support the most vulnerable . So very proud of you Marcus thankyou on behalf of the rest of humanity for all your compassion, kindness, care and love for others. We are all in your debt. Take care. Wren Davis Mills. Marcus you are a sincere human being. Being a footballer gives you platform to bring to light important issue. Thank you young man for the enjoyment on the field as well as compassion off it.. I can’t stand football, but you are one impressive individual. What you are doing for those families is nothing short of beautiful. Your family and clubs will no doubt be very proud. Thank you for making a difference.

I like the way you are playing you are my favourite player I love you bro rash ford. Rashy have you ever realized that the moment you fail to score in consecutive games our team normally drop alot of points? You ,Martial and Greenwood need to be physically fit all the times…I wish you all the best our talisman. Manchester united will be up and doing by next season. Looks like someone will be subbed off a golf game to a football game. Unlimited subs will be lit men. Any new signings bro…. Can you win the game Bayern. We need a trophy. For the weaker teams yes
But for stronger team like manchester united
Manchester city
Arsenal. Haha you might actually get a game now surley bale felt attacked then . I’m so grateful to #jethack7 on Instagram for recovery my iCloud account successfully after I thought I had lost it. Thanks man you’re the best.