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Arsenal football club 3d hoodie


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nice one action speak loud than voice just as u said action is louder than voice#man u mesiah number starboy. Marcus my lovely Manchester red… Remember once you said I will struggle for the meal of young generation. Good But man u have to put all your playful and childhood behavior, u have to put all your attentions in the pitch you are the eyes of Man United and let more train harder and put smile . I love you Rashford and keep the good work going bro… Good guy with a big heart continue with your good work you are blessed.. Your such an intelligent and an inspiration to many. One day I will play with you. If God permit. Not far from me, you do a brilliant job with the kids keep up the good work. You are so inspiration to our generation,. He said “Actions speaks louder than words” and he has proven that….thank you Marcos….

Arsenal football club 3d hoodie

Arsenal football club 3d hoodie

We love you as a our player #marcus keep it going. I would have preferred if you didn’t play today to avoid injuries, we have a new team play and you are the star GGMU. Lovely and very important actions taken by an incredible player…salute.”actions speaks louder ..'”. Keep it up subtle man..rashford beloved guy,s. This guy is genius, but I want him to leave Manchester united for a better team to win trophies. Well done once again Rash! What is tha sound track at the start? anyone?. Marcus, congratulations on your MBE. You are a true role model for our future generations. Never lose faith or focus. Love from a true RED for you and all you do! Xx. Heart of Gold Marcus Rashford . One of the young stars in England. Am really humble by your tireless effort Marcus…..Please do not only feed the physical but also the word of God (Tell the Little ones about Jesus and his love for them)…

Arsenal football club 3d hoodie

Arsenal football club 3d hoodie m

Don’t get me wrong, the UK Elections ended and Boris Johnson won.If you wanted to be a politician, you should have stood against him.Focus on FOOTBALL. Were you not supposed to wear Adidas Marcus Rashford? Anyway good job you’re doing lad.. Did I just hear the interviewer said he can be the UK’s prime minister….lol.. Well spoken Rash.”No child should go to bed with empty stomach should everyone’s work globally”. I really love your playing style but these days Manchester is fading. Come to Coventry please ? You can speak at a students meeting. happy friday my friend,how are you,your record at man u is a great convincing attracting fame,keep it up dont let my hope of your shine down, i will be happy if you can bring me to England to live ,work and play with you, have a nice day. Give everybody free permanent life insurance and release money to cover everyone’s basic needs from their own life insurance to cover basic living expenses. No child would go hungry ever again.

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Amitha Sewcharan. You are such a legend at this young age!! Your legacy is beyond football now! Well done Champ!. Marcus Rashford indeed I’m proud of you lad and big thanks to your Mom who one must not forget for parenting you well. Giving back to the society and future at large is never a waste of resources, time and energy.. Toni Aj Bryson. Your mum must be so proud of you.And so are we!. We are proud of you in Wythenshawe my boy… where are your brothers i miss them. We used to laugh with your brother. Keep focused on the football too bruva, you are so talented we want to see more . Oooh Marcus, you’re such a big hearted football professional have ever known considering your age, keep the good job. You’re an inspirational person and you keeping doing what you love. My cousin is the headmistress in that school x

It’s impossible to hate a lad like this, no matter which team you support, Rashford has a pure heart and I am disappointed in people who are bringing football rivalry in what this guy is doing off the pitch. Keep being a great leader mate, this is trul… See More. Marcus, you deserve the accolades for what you have done. I congratulate you as a 69 year old, ex Northern Moor lad who was raised in Ramsgill Close (behind Moorcroft Road shops) and who also went to Button Lane.
You have done yourself, your family, B… See More. Rashford , go and train hard instead, Leave those things bse d Newcastle game we are looking at u closely. Julie Rashford
What can I say Marcus? You are just inspirational to each and everyone. Xx keep up the good work. Xx. Sad state of affairs when we rely on a footballer to show compassion over our elected representatives. You are a good man and have made a real difference I wonder if any politicians can say the same.