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Need!! Take my savings!!! . Why is there no plans to release Hogwarts Legacy on the Nintendo Switch?. How is there boggart turning into mechanical death eater, while the game takes place at 1800s?. So is it gonna be like you play as your own student and get to pick what classes you take and which spells you learn?. Bonnie Tohl better graphics but is it as good as throwing gnomes over a fence? . Hey terfuker, are the bad guys in this game inspired by your face?. Wow RPG Harry Potter ? Yes please!. Looks like it could have been released on the PS3. I will not be buying anything that supports JK Rowling financially. I LOVED Harry Potter growing up, and the work is a classic. But unfortunately, I disagree so strongly with he transphobia that I cannot justify supporting her.. This will be awesome if it will be an mmorpg; going to the wizardry school and connecting online with other freshies, attending classes and practicing magic at the same time and etc.

All you need is love tea and stroopwafels mug

All you need is love tea and stroopwafels mug 11oz

When Harry tells him basically he will always save the wizarding world!. He is awesome in the movies!. Was great listen live September 1st. Best movie in my life. met him at Fanexpo a couple of years ago he was great. Love Harry Potter. Love him!!. I love him.. I love this muvie.. When Harry said I WILL BE. Randee Larimer. Wonderful . wish someone could buy everything from JKR so no royalties go to her cause until then i have no real interest in the wizarding world anymore as it is no longer the fun place it had been. Play GIF. undefined. undefined. haha such a coincidence, I got him as a result of this quiz about Harry Potter and the half-blood prince lol YOUTUBE.COM How Well Do You Know THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE? ?️ MoViEZ ?️ 30 Question Quiz For HARRY POTTER FANS!. WHAT NO ONE ANSWER HOW DOBBY HAD EVERY LETTER ADDRESSED TO HARRY POTTER ? NOT ONE CAN ANSWER THAT ????

All you need is love tea and stroopwafels mug

All you need is love tea and stroopwafels mug 15oz

Wish it was available for kindle. Did they fix the issues where your character gets super tired after half a class and can’t continue for hours?. Chloie Evelin Manarpiis. I have seen Harry Potter series many times but never bothered…..But this game is so boring. Hogwarts mystery is sooooo fun!!

. The stars/ moves need to regenerate quicker. The game is good but requires payment at every stage. Where is the basilisk club. Rahul Singh. Hagrid2115. Play GIF. I have games like that. undefined. undefined. undefined. Pradeep Rajpoot. Pradeep Rajpoot. Toycon. love !. Please translate it in to offline im begging the owner of this game. . QUESTION : Professor McGonagall gives HARRY a Nimbus 2000 his first Broomstick HERE IS THE QUESTION where is every written that she actual did give it to HARRY ? in the move she winked at Harry but was that just pride of Harry being in her HOUSE ? … See More

Bobbie , not sure if you play games, but you probably love anything related to Harry Potter. My kids can’t wait for it to come out or my husband!. Will this be on PC aswell?. I don’t care about anything i’ll buy it because an open world harry potter game with our own characters was all i wanted and i can’t let it go only for not supporting j.k rowling. I don’t think not buying this game will be a big loss to her.. Everybody talking about not supporting JK when she has nothing at all to do with this game. I’m just watching you Karen’s battle JKaren Rowling.. The second hand market exists. You get to enjoy it the game AND not financially support JKR.. Nobody realise the trailer voiceover is by sir david attenborough?! Super cool. I’ve waited years for this. Now just need a open world Avatar game.

Can you have a transgendered Wizard or is that option too much for the world of Harry Potter that has stuff like magic, dragons and ghosts that haunt bathrooms the students use.. I so want to play it, but would have liked to see more…existing characters from the books. I did my waiting!. lol, that Avengers theme music rip off is so blatant.. Port it to switch . Would be awesome to see it on the Switch!. The Sims but make it Hogwarts. Come out with a VR Harry Potter game I be all game for it. not gonna lie, i got goosebumps everywhere, cried and came all at once… time to switch consoles Will Roeglin. This looks awesome! I would kill for this on the Switch.. When is the release date. It’s about time!! Been wondering if this game was real or fake but thank goodness it’s real!. So who else cried watching this trailer after waiting so long for a real wizarding world RPG video game?