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All are created equal but only legends were born in norway mug – Teasearch3d 301020


Source of pride for the working classes, our city and football club. Top man. You are doing amazing work and as a role model showing everyone the right caring humane way to go about things . Shame you were not leading us instead of Boris . But them of course you are an awesome footballer so just as well we don’t miss out on that… See More. Is that i have in my mind you Marcus has begin it.Verry good idea,when i will be rich,i will do more,i’am so proud of you.Child suppose to eat well.May God bless you more.Protect yourself well to have a big career.. Amazing what you are doing in a country where our adults and children should not be starving..and while so many of those supposedly helping us in our Government creaming millions in their offshore Bank Accounts with Companies they all have shares in,, … See More

All are created equal but only legends were born in norway mug

All are created equal but only legends were born in norway mug 11oz

Fab photo. You are doing such a special thing that will help many. I have so much respect for you. Thank you for stepping up . I used to love breakfast & after school club! So grateful for them . In the US I had a breakfast card and a lunch card to eat . I was always too embarrassed to use my lunch card (cause it was a different colour to the cards of kids who paid for their lunch), so I sometimes didn’t eat lunch (especially if I was trying t… See More. Fabulous you haven’t forgotten your roots you made all the children at buttonLane very happy and inspired them to do well in life you definitely made my little girl happy with her photo with you . Same primary school as me . I am Thai, I watched you play, I am very happy Rachi, I love you very much, you are my idol.

All are created equal but only legends were born in norway mug

All are created equal but only legends were born in norway mug 15oz

Both picture look the same so amazing having to know that your mum was so instrumental in your upbringing thank you Mum for everything and given us this handsome soul for us. We will forever be grateful to you.. Happy birthday to your lovely mum Marcus! God bless her for the way she brought her family up in truly caring for others that are in need! We were very lucky to have a fantastic mam and dad that taught us to care too! God bless you all, she must be so … See More. If your mom is anything like you Marcus then she is an exceptional person and a wonderful lady. Happy birthday to her. I pray the two of you can celebrate these life events for many decades to come.. Happy birthday to you mum we love you so much as we love your son Marcus Radford he has been doing a good work at Manchester united and also entertaining us,,,,,,,thanks mum and may you live long enjoy your birthday

Only a sweetheart like Marcus could go to such a cute sounding school – Button Lane..aww . Bless you Marcus you are such a good egg! Footballers are always criticised for being top earners but it’s great to see you using your platform to help others. Xx. I was thinking ‘no way you were in the same year’!. Nice one, keep the spirit going to increase confidence. Good looking duo making a wonderful team mates as well as schoolmates. Life,s a cycle.. I’m not even a football fan but you are an amazing young man and a total role model for youngsters. Some of your fellow footballers should hang their heads in shame when comparing themselves to you. Keep on doing what you’re doing as it is having a b… See More. Aside being a good footballer, you are also a rare gem, you have a golden heart. His so good hearted, my Rashy is a man with a heart of gold

Brilliant photo, my son really enjoyed meeting you and filming on Tuesday, thank you for your autograph. My mum was your dinner lady. Happy memories . My role model, keep up the good works bro, the sky is your starting point.. I need your help to. I have been through many and I look on you for a little help.. Helped me out so much this school with my son so well done for stating in touch with your roots, there is too many out there that dont.. no way ! is this Rashy and Williams? !!. You are a credit to not only your family, but to the human race! Well done and good luck in all you do! . i’m always proud of you Marcus, you’ve a sense of humanity keep it up, and may the Almight God guide you towards your career lad. #ggmu. Only a handful of people can not stay in touch with their roots , remembering where you come from and helping out..Hats of to you not only for ur good heart but for you skill on the game..