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[NICE] Snowman faith hope lov

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Those who advocate that it is wrong for us to celebrate Christmas often point to Christmas’ connection with an ancient pagan holiday called Saturnalia. I am not an expert on this, nor do I want to be an expert on this, because I don’t see any need to be an expert on this! Snowman faith hope love Christmas shirt But apparently, some time in ages’ past, some pagans who perhaps were worshiping the sun noticed that the days kept getting shorter and shorter in their particular hemisphere. Of course, the further north or south you are, the more this affects the length of the days. They noticed that as December continued on, the days grew shorter and the sun set sooner. but then something wonderful happened. That predicament, that sorry situation was reversed, and the days suddenly started getting longer. That is the winter solstice, December the 21st.

Snowman faith hope love Christmas shirt

In conjunction with all that, they had celebrations. They thought, “The sun’s come back to life, and the days aren’t getting shorter! They’re getting longer, once again. The darkness isn’t setting in. The light is overpowering the darkness.” They gave gifts to one another and, reportedly, they brought in trees from outside. And they decorated them, and that was part of the celebration. Here we are, Christians, saying we are followers of Jesus. Yet we are doing these pagan things, like celebrating close to the time of the winter solstice! And we’re bringing these trees in our houses and decorating them!

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