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Personalized LGBT The Day I Met You Poster


Anyone seeking the assistance of customer support agents expects a human “touch” from whoever they interact with. Edubirdie seems to have robots programmed to ask whether payment has been made. I do not deny that the company needs to make money not only for survival but, most importantly, to be able to hire real professionals to support customers. If you were to conduct a qualitative analysis on the responses customer receive from the agents via chat, the term “payment” would form a theme on its own. I would advise any potential customer seeking writing services to search for a company that shows genuine interest and commitment to their customers. Personalized LGBT the day i met you Communication with them should be about why you got in touch with them in the first place; payment will follow automatically from satisfied customers. No doubt the company intended to create a positive reputation. However, their greatest downfall came when they failed to address the complaints raised by customers. I asked a customer support agent, whose name I will deliberately disclose as Kimson so that the company can look into the matter, what plagiarism checker they use and whether it saves our completed orders.

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Personalized LGBT the day i met you poster

He immediately blocked me from the chat without responding. Such incidents are the reason Edubirdie still continues getting negative reviews from users and bloggers. A prominent comment on their Trustpilot profile is a complaint by students who earned “very expensive bad grades.” Personalized LGBT the day i met you Further, it is the reason why  has no fans on Reddit, as evidenced by all the negative reviews they have there. The credibility of my complaints could be doubted if I was the only one with such negative experiences with the company, but all these testimonials show that not all customers can be wrong. There is definitely a problem at the company that has not been addressed. Although I found that the writers are Russian, a review by one customer says she dealt with an Indian lady who could not distinguish between “v” and “w” in their chat.

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Rate it yourself! The second item  has placed on the list of the benefits of their writing service is confidentiality guarantee. Others include non-stop customer support and topnotch quality papers. Do not be deceived, none of these happens at the company. The only reason I asked Kimson about saving papers in their plagiarism checker database was that I found most papers are not original and can, in fact, be traced back to Edubirdie. Personalized LGBT the day i met you This also means that my confidentiality is in no way guaranteed and my school can establish not only the company that did my paper but even the individual writer. Every student knows the consequences of this, and if  cannot handle your confidentiality with the seriousness it needs, they are simply bringing university penalties your way. Never forget that they collect personal and very sensitive information, sometimes including the name of your university, when you place your order for purposes of facilitating payment.

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