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Of course, I did not approach the company with exaggerated hopes, but I was double disappointed for not only not receiving what I had paid for but also the very unsatisfactory results. The eye-catching taglines of the website read “customer satisfaction guaranteed,” “get quick results” and “unlimited support 24/7”. For what I was charged, I at least expected the bare minimum passing grade, not the “D” I scored. Personalized garage drop a gear and disappear In all the time the paper was allocated, I could personally have completed more than half and with a much better grade. For credibility purposes, any business that markets its services should at least deliver some of the promises. The marketing team at edubirdie.com is excellent, but there is a whole world of disconnect between the marketers and the writers. The writers make the marketers appear as downright liars because the papers they craft are nothing near what they claim to have the expertise to. Have you ever tried dealing with an invisible agent who has no phone number? Then that is the frustration that awaits you if you choose to work with Edubirdie writers.

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However, even after seeing this wider list, I found that there are no additional services on the website. For instance, some companies have a personal statement, proofreading, resume writing and editing services. What immediately came to mind was that the writers at Edubirdie are not up to the task. A first-time visitor to the website shortly notices the appealing birdie and how distinctive and stylish it is, although this is after spending considerable time finding the site because it is extremely vague. Personalized garage drop a gear and disappear However, the appeal soon becomes irrelevant because immediately next to the birdie is a very interesting if not ironical statement that shouts at you to place a free order. Only desperate students and customers who refuse to practice due diligence will not read this as a red flag. Edubirdie, really, who would invest in building a website and hiring “professional” writers only to offer free services? Why would you still have that lie alive on your website yet you know you have never delivered a single free paper, not even a sample?

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Students, if you are daring enough, click on the “place your free order now” button and see what comes up next. Please be warned that this company charges exorbitantly for the poor quality of products they deliver and this review will show you that in brutal honesty. To put this into context, ScamFighter rated Edubirdie at 2.93/5 in the latest poll of the fourth quarter of 2017. Any student will identify with the situation in which they simply cannot keep up with all the deadlines of the academic world and pressures of social life. That is precisely when you need a company that can take such loads away from you. Personalized garage drop a gear and disappear However, Edubirdie is a company that takes advantage of this situation to steal from students. For one, the support agents who are supposed to make your life easier on the website are exceedingly rude. At some point, I even thought they were automated answering machines because they kept asking if I had paid for the services when we communicated via email. For any student who values the quality of service, this attitude directly tells you to go to the competitors. 

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