Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt


Please include college students somewhere. We do not stop paying for our children at 16-17. No child tax credit for them and no stimulus. They’re completely left out.. Those that were paying attention to the truth and not the media saw the amazing work done by our President. Thank you all. Promises made and promises kept and all americans mattered. I feel like we are facing a rough 4 years with Biden.. All of the Trump’s worked tirelessly for 4 years, for the American people, even with all the push back, you all continue to work. Thank you and Keep America Great , I appreciate all you do. Ivanka Trump is a most amazing person and certainly continues with the family traditions of loving America and doing great things to Make America Great Again!. We will remember what you and your family did FOR us. We will also remember what the left does TO us. You have my gratitude and my prayers. Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt

Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt

Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt 1

Hopefully she will keep this going outside of Govt! It is an awesome cause and huge success!. Ivanka it is wonderful to see you again. You have been missed. We pray for you , your family and this country. We had 4 years of a Presidents family who truly love this country only to have the election stolen, we will never forget that. God Bless all … See more Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt Play GIF. It’s amazing how much good you and the entire Trump family have accomplished under scrutiny and hatefulness. Kudos to your efforts, your will, your determination, and your love of this country. I wish you all didn’t have to endure the horrible way you’… See more. So proud of all you, your dad and your family have done for this country. My heart breaks at how Our President is being treated. It’s down right disgraceful. Know that we the people are praying for you all. May truth prevail. Ivanka Trump

Golden retriever american flag hawaiian shirt

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